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Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

What will P2 be learning in Term 3?

Literacy :

  • Independent Writing – writing about Newcastle
  • Role play – Cafe Creme in Newcastle
  • Talk about their personal experiences of living in Newcastle / visiting Newcastle
  • Writing – signs for role play area
  • Shared Reading – topic related books
  • Topic books – fiction and non-fiction/carousel
  • Create postcards for Newcastle
  • Talk about the old pictures of Newcastle


  • Carroll diagram- Where I live – Newcastle/Not Newcastle
  • Positional Language – using maps to identify places of interest
  • Locate numbers in addresses/ houses
  • Ordering numbers to 15 to complete a picture of Newcastle


  • Weekly Bible Stories and songs including
  • Jesus’ miracles
  • Action Bible Songs


  • Drama

    • Retell the story through drama of ‘Bear About Town’


    • Junk Art – making a shop/attraction in Newcastle
    • Paint favourite thing in Newcastle


    • Song – ‘Where the Mountains of Mourne Sweep down to the sea’


  • Changing for P.E independently
  • Listen to and follow simple instructions/rules.
  • Parachute games – places in Newcastle
  • Know how to move in a variety of ways to explore personal and general space.
  • Know how to move safely and confidently
  • Respond appropriately to the instructions.


  • NSPCC  'Be Safe'
  • Develop an increasing awareness of the interdependent nature of school and the local community.
  • Learn how to contribute to the local community.

World Around Us:

  • To recognise the variety of local buildings and what they are used for.
  • To follow and to give simple directions to places in the immediate environment.
  • To use distance vocabulary.
  • Design and make models of places real or imaginary,
  • To recognise that local buildings have changed over time.
  • To respect and care for the world we live in.


  • Log on and Log off independently
  • Bee Bot– using the town mat
  • 2Simple – painting a picture of an attraction in Newcastle
  • Log in and log off
  • Early years Maths pack
  • iPad

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Welcome to Primary 2!

We hope you enjoy looking at our class page.

Welcome to Term 3 in Primary 2

Welcome back after the Easter holiday. We hope you had a lovely relaxing time.

Mrs Bradshaw is looking forward to all the exciting activities this term linked to our topic of Where I live.

Keep watching this page for pictures throughout the topic.



Primary 2 Term 2B Trip to Dundrum Castle