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Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

What will P2 be learning in Term 2?

Literacy :

  • Independent Writing – news, topic related writing - castles, knights, Jack and the Beakstalk
  • Guided Writing - Narrative Writing
  • Role play – Castle 
  • Shared Reading – topic related books 
  • Topic books – fiction and non-fiction 
  • Phonics - Stage 3 and Stage 4 of Linguistics Phonics 
  • Handwriting- Cursive script and capital letters 
  • Listening- weekly listening activities 
  • Talking- talk about their personal experiences of castles.  Formulating and asking questions about our trip to Dundrum Castle, circle time. 


  • Working with numbers up to 20
  • Mental maths- counting forwards and backwards, numbers before and after, adding on 1, doubles, number facts, odd and even numbers 
  • Addition and subtraction 
  • Problem Solving
  • Topic- area, measurement, 3D shapes, 
  • Money - recognising all coins and learning to pay for items 
  • Data Handling 


  • Old Testament bible stories
  • God's Armour 
  • Action Bible Songs



    • Take on the roles in the castle 
    • Act out topic related stories, e.g. The Royal Dinner, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Kiss that missed, The Princess and the Pea 
    • Hold a Royal Banquet 


    • Song – Songs about castles 
    • Musical Instruments 


  • Junk Art – build castles
  • Coat of Arms 
  • Craft linked to castles e.g. stick puppets, decorate crowns for banquet, planting beans (linked to Jack and the Beanstalk) 
  • Weekly cutting activity - crown, castle etc 


  • Changing for P.E independently
  • Listen to and follow simple instructions/rules.
  • Fundamental Movement Skills-
  • Know how to move in a variety of ways to explore personal and general space.
  • Know how to move safely and confidently
  • Respond appropriately to the instructions.


  • NSPCC  'Be Safe'
  • Unit 3
  • Helping Hands 

World Around Us:

  •  Why were castles built?
  •  Materials used to build castles
  •  Parts of the castles and how they defended against their enemies 
  •  Knights - their training and Jolly Jousts 
  •  Jobs in the castles 
  •  How buildings have changed over the past. 
  •  Visit to local Dundrum Castle 


  • Log on and Log off independently
  • Bee Bot 
  • Word Processing
  • Early years Maths pack/Top Marks games to develop learning 
  • iPad - using apps to develop learning, using camera to record their learning 
  • Chatterpix App
  • PhotoComic App

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Welcome to Primary 2!

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Primary 2

Our new topic  for this half term is 'Castles and Knights'. We have just set up a 'Castel' as our role play area. Keep checking this page to see updates of our learning journey 😊


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