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Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

What will P2 be learning in Term1a?

Literacy :

  • Independent Writing – news, people who help, things that make us happy. 
  • Guided Writing - Recount writing
  • Role play – Police Station 
  • Shared Reading – topic related books 
  • Topic books – fiction and non-fiction 
  • Phonics - Stage 1 of Linguistics Phonics 
  • Handwriting- revision and refinement of print letters 
  • Listening- weekly listening activities 
  • Talking- talk about their summer holidays, their personal experiences of who helps them and how they can help others. Formulating and asking questions to visitors, eg, Police. Circle Time


  • Revision of numbers 0-10
  • Introduction to teen numbers 
  • Mental maths- counting forwards and backwards, numbers before and after, adding on 1, doubles, number facts
  • Addition 
  • Problem Solving
  • Topic- 2D shape, sorting, data collection


  • The Good Samaritan
  • The man through the roof
  • Jarius’ daughter  
  • Action Bible Songs
  • Harvest 



    • Take on the roles in the Police Station
    • Act out ‘The Little Red Hen’ 


    • Song – Songs for new class routines 
    • Emergency Vehicle song
    • Musical Instruments 


  • Self portraits 
  • People who help us craft e.g. Police ID badge, finger prints,  firefighter handprint, painting ambulance
  • Junk Art – making a Police radio, stretcher to fit Paddington 
  • Harvest craft



  • Changing for P.E independently
  • Listen to and follow simple instructions/rules.
  • Fundamental Movement Skills- catch, 
  • Know how to move in a variety of ways to explore personal and general space.
  • Know how to move safely and confidently
  • Respond appropriately to the instructions.


  • NSPCC  'Be Safe'
  • Unit 1

World Around Us:

  • To recognise jobs carried out by people in the local community.
  • To recognise and record the sequence of events in simple stories and in personal history.
  • Identify all those who help us.
  • Role of emergency services- Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Mountain rescue and RNLI (one per week).
  • Police visit
  •  Topic table – books, puzzles etc


  • Log on and Log off independently
  • Bee Bot– using the town mat and ‘Police Bee Bot’
  • 2Simple – painting a person who helps them
  • Early years Maths pack
  • iPad - using apps to develop learning, using camera to record their learning 

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Welcome to Primary 2!

We hope you enjoy looking at our class page.

Primary 2

We hope P2 have had a lovely summer holiday! We look forward to welcoming you back to school! 

Our first topic is ‘People Who Help Us’. Keep checking this page to see updates of our learning journey 😊