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Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

What will P2 be learning in Term 2b?

Literacy :

  • Weekly listening activities
  • Phonics -Stage 4 Linguistics Phonics
  • Handwriting - Cursive letters and capital letters
  • Write simple sentences with correct punctuation
  • Explanation Writing
  • Use a range of reading strategies in their reading books
  • New high frequency words


  • Developing to numbers up to 20 and beyond
  • Mental Maths
  • Using money 
  • Capacity
  • Shape - 2D and 3D
  • O'clock and Half past times
  • Problem solving
  • Patterns
  • Weight


  • Weekly Bible Stories and songs - linked to Animals
  • Easter Story


  • Painting - favourite animals, animal prints
  • Making animals, animal homes etc
  • Singing about animals
  • Drama - act out stories e.g. Handa's Surpise
  • Easter Craft 


  • Climb
  • Balance
  • Forward Roll


  •  How do I feel?
  • Getting along with others

World Around Us:

  • Animals and their Babies


  • Log on and Log off independently
  • Navigate simple software with mouse and keyboard
  • Simple Coding - Scratch Jr
  • Data Handling - creating charts to represent data
  • Simple word processing
  • Painting pictures of favourite animal/pet
  • Using a range of apps on the iPads to consolidate learning

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Welcome to Primary 2!

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Primary 2

Our new topic is 'Animals and their Babies'. We have set up a Vet's Role Play area and are looking forward to learning in there. Keep watching this pages for pictures throughout the topic.


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