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Welcome to P5!

'Be the best that you can be!'

Welcome to P5's page.

What's going on in P5?

Welcome to P5!

We are looking forward to lots of exciting things with Mrs Stewart this year.

Our final topic for P5 is Northern Ireland and Europe.

We are looking forward to exploring countries from across Europe, including our own wee country!

We are also enjoying learning about electricity with P4 and P4/5 from St Joseph's PS Tyrella


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P5 Interactive Links


Northern Ireland and Europe


We are enjoying finding out all about the different countries in Europe. We are learning the capital cities, about the flags, the traditional foods and so much more!!


Ancient Egypt in P5!


Mummifying tomatoes!

Wrapping the tomato in foil
Wrapping the tomato in foil
Filling the tomato with 'natron' mixture
Filling the tomato with 'natron' mixture
Messy business!
Messy business!
We weighed the tomatoes before we started
We weighed the tomatoes before we started

We have been learning about mummification. We are conducting a science experiment to compare what happens to mummified tomatoes and those not mummified over the next couple of weeks!


Our Very Own 'River Nile' in P5


We are learning about how the River Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. We have been busy researching facts about the River Nile to display beside our model river in P5.

We grew real grass for our model to represent the 'Black Land' alongside the River Nile. It's great fun watching it grow. We love watering it and trimming it .

Did you know the River Nile is the longest river in the world?