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Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

Welcome to the School Council!

We are elected by our classes to represent the children in our school.

We promise to listen to your suggestions and to try and make some improvements to our already fabulous school!

This year we ran our very own election campaign for those wishing to gain a coveted place on the School Council! Thank you to everyone who took part, we all enjoyed watching the election videos, looking at the posters and hearing lots of wonderful ideas on how to improve our school! 


We've been thinking about...

After the success of last year's School Council the new members were keen to have their say... some people even had a list with them to the first meeting!

The Council made an action plan of upcoming events for this school year and also talked about possible ways to spend any money raised. 

We also decided that there should be Reps for P1, P2 and P3 on the Council to ensure that everyone at NPS has their say! 

School Council

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Only One You... Watch the video!


New School Motto!

As you may know we have been working hard to come up with a school motto to represent our school. This task was a LOT harder than expected as we wanted something just right. When we held discussions about what our motto should be about there was a strong feeling of needing to show that we care for one and other, that we work hard to improve and we learn together. 

We finally settled on our new motto, 'Be the Best You Can Be.' We think that this motto is relevant for every child from Nursery to P7. No matter what activity we do, we should always do it to our best ability. 

To celebrate this new motto we made a collaborative display for the whole school based on the story, 'Only One  You,' by Linda Kranz which embraces the new motto. 


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